Welcome to KONRAD LINGERIE's website.

KONRAD LINGERIE company was established in 1990. Attractive design, wide variety of products, perfect construction and high quality of work has placed KONRAD company among the leading Polish lingerie manufacturers.

Our products are made from the highest quality raw materials: Meryllian microfiber, embroidered tulle and elastic lace coming from the world's top suppliers, including France, Spain, Switzerland and Italy.

Following the global fashion trends, using experience gained through the years of presence on the market, we produce lingerie that is able to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

We offer you: bras, corsets, bodys, night dresses, briefs, thongs and string panties. Our wide variety of different style of bras discreetly but effectively shape the breasts emphasizing femininity and beauty of women's body. Our fashionable briefs provide comfort and are just made to show off!

All collections reflect our passion and love for the female body. We provide you with the best and most beautiful products, so that you feel beautiful and sexy. Our underwear is elegant and comfortable to wear - it makes you feel absoutely unique! 

For number of year the quality of our products has been appreciated by ladies from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Why don't you just check out our offer and choose your favourite KONRAD LINGERIE product to emphasize the beauty of your body?

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